In a globalized society, characterized by a multinational and competitive environment, PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING was born to give a customized response to individuals and companies, offering integral solutions in services related to Law and Economics.

We are a fully multidisciplinary firm, in which the synergy of both departments, Legal and Economic, will revert to your favor in the most efficient way for you.

We also have professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the business, economic and judicial areas, which has allowed us to acquire the necessary capacity to identify the various problems and situations that affect companies and individuals, find relevant information, analyze, synthesize, and give the best possible solution to your situation.

The philosophy of PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING, which governs our decisions and actions, is reflected in the way we provide our services, which we define as EFFICIENT, USEFUL AND ADAPTED TO THE CUSTOMER:

  • Efficient, since we seek the best result-resources ratio invested, simplifying the procedures and eliminating unnecessary processes.

  • Useful, being this the fundamental pillar of our culture, so that every service we provide generates added value to our clients that make them progress and / or in a better competitive position.

  • Adapted to the client, since we offer an accessible and orderly service to the needs of individuals and companies, treating them in an individual and personalized way, studying each case as unique and different to propose our services “to your measure”.

We offer and provide services nationally and internationally, we have headquarters in Seville and offices in Madrid and Barcelona.